Zen Master* Bear** Speaks***
  • The Autism Spectrum is N-Dimensional
    The idea that neurotypical and autistic might be different regions of the same spectrum seems sensible. The presumption that all members of either group maintain a position of inferiority or superiority relative to all members of the other group is deeply wrong and encourages anti-autistic biases.
  • Necessary But Not Sufficient
    If we really want to claim that our societies value diversity and inclusion we must expand beyond the disability model, and hold everyone to a standard of not just removing the barriers caused by difference, but of actively valuing the ways in which difference is a strength.
  • Be Still My Beating Heart
    Then it happened. My heart rate suddenly jumped from 160 beats per minute to over 180. My max heart rate is in the low- to mid-180s. I almost never manage to push it this high even in my toughest workouts.
  • Quick Take on COVID-19, UK Policy, and Autism
    The UK Government has far from covered itself in glory in its response to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Introducing Zen Master Bear
    I have long been known on social media by the handle rundembear, a playful joining of my obsession with bears with Run Dem Crew, the name of the urban running crew of which I am proud to be a member. Runners love to talk about running, which suits my autistic personally very well. It is way easier to socialize when I…